Do you know all the leadership techniques … but still have trouble getting the most out of your people?

Are you searching for the secret sauce that can transform your team into a productive powerhouse?

Is employee engagement on your leadership wishlist?

This is the book for you!

Extraordinary Leadership:

Connecting With Your Seven Core Abilities to Bring Out the Extraordinary Abilities in Others


This transformational leadership book takes leadership development to a whole new level!

Discover the Seven Core Abilities every leader must develop and use, to maximize their leadership ability. Grounded in state-of-the-art research and proven by real-life application in the trenches, this book holds the key to your ability to become an Extraordinary Leader — and bring out the Extraordinary in your people!

You'll love the simple layout!

Each Core Ability Includes:

An in-depth description, with research to support its value for leadership 

Tips to strengthen the Core Ability

A Laser Focus Technique

A Self-Directed Activity

A summary 

Development for Yourself

Choose a specific Core Ability every week, and intentionally focus on maximizing the way you use it with your people! You can return time after time, because each time you focus on a Core Ability, you discover new ways to use it effectively.

Coach Your People to be Extraordinary!

Use this material in training, meetings, and one-on-one coaching sessions, to mentor and coach your people to recognize and use their Extraordinary Nature!

Table of Contents

Here’s a peek at what’s included:


Your Seven Core Abilities


Intuitive Wisdom

Inner Strength

Questioning Unquestioned Answers

Optimistic Spirit


Mentoring Mindset

Appendix: Maximizing Your Core Abilities

Acknowledgments/Photo Credits


About the Author


Sample Chapter

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Cher-closeup-smallA Word From the Author,
Cher Holton, Ph.D.
Certified Speaking Professional and Certified Management Consultant

“Your leadership credibility is not so much affected by unanswered questions as it is by unquestioned answers! It’s time to rethink what you’ve always believed about leadership, and take charge of your own development, as you become an Extraordinary Leader!”

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