Employee-Engagement-ActionPic-workshopNo one has the luxury of spending long days in training classes any more. So we specialize in providing high impact, quick-hit TurboTraining™ Sessions that build team consciousness, increase employee engagement, and provide critical skills to help your folks improve their productivity and job enrichment.

Each of these high impact, quick-hit sessions is:

  • 1-3 hours in length;
  • customized to address your specific needs; and
  • facilitated in a highly interactive, dynamic, technique-packed style.

Our Programs for All Employees

Living at the Speed of Life: Staying in Control in a World Gone Bonkers

Employee-Engagement-wksp-webDo you feel frenzied, fragmented and frazzled? Is there too much change and not enough stability in your environment? Do you have  too many responsibilities and not enough time or energy to enjoy life? Are you burned  out — pulled in too  many directions —  exhausted by the effort of daily living? Are you seeking some sense of balance in your life? Do you feel like you’re living in a world gone bonkers?
In this dynamic and interactive keynote, discover strategies that bring harmony and control to life. Based on Cher’s popular book (by the same title), this program focus on practical techniques to take control of the major areas creating frustration in today’s fast-paced world. Walk away from this fast-paced and highly practical program with strategies for:

  • Creating Joy and Meaning in Your Work
  • Conquering Fears and Doubts that Sabotage Success
  • Adopting Attitude Adjustments for Work and Home
  • Enhancing Interpersonal Communication Effectiveness
  • Enriching Working Relationships With Team Members and Customers
  • Controlling Time Robbers Permanently
  • Turbo-Charging Teams9781893095038-small-slanted
  • Building a Consciousness of Confidence, Courage, and Commitment

(This program can be customized to meet your specific needs. It features the book, Living at the Speed of Life: Staying in Control in a World Gone Bonkers! by Cher Holton.)

Lights-Camera-Action! Creating Award
Winning Service to Win Customer Loyalty

Custmer-Service-WorkshopPicWorking with customers is not for the faint of heart! Think about the incredible number of roles you may play in any given business day. You’re part host or hostess, making customers feel at home. You’re part detective, hunting down information about your services or asking questions about a customer’s needs. You’re part teacher, defining your product’s benefits and demonstrating how they meet your customer’s needs. You’re part psychologist, dealing with emotional or frustrating customers and counseling others to show your concern.

Setting the stage for service excellence to build customer loyalty is what this program is all about. As a result of this highly interactive presentation, employees will be able to generate standing ovations by learning how to:

  • Set the stage to treat customers (internal and external) like friends while maintaining a professional relationship;
  • Handle the ABCDE customers (Angry; Belligerent; Challenging; Defensive; Emotional) with professionalism and confidence – and listen to the critics with a grain of salt;
  • Turn complaints into rave reviews using the Spotlight System;
  • Script 5 Recovery Strategies and apply the Prompter Prescription to keep your cool in emotional situations;
  • Project an “On Stage Image” of professionalism and confidence; and
  • Build a powerful support cast whose performance creates cause for applause!


Employee-Engagement-Focus-GroupWhat’s On Your Mind? Facilitated Employee Focus Groups

Employee engagement means your folks are using creativity, taking initiative, and willingly going beyond the call of duty to ensure your workplace is welcoming and your customers are treated like royalty! The best way to find out what it takes to create this kind of environment is to go straight to the people you want to engage! Facilitated Employee Focus Groups are two-hour sessions designed to accomplish two things:

  • Discover what issues employees are dealing with that are preventing them from being as engaged as they could be;
  • Build a sense of cohesiveness, support, and open communication among employees.

 Master facilitator Cher Holton will design questions that align with your specific business needs, and facilitate focus groups with up to 15 per group. She will then compile and interpret the responses, and if desired, lead a Leadership Think Tank to guide the team in reviewing the feedback results, identifying root causes, and creating actionable goals.

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