Are you sabotaging your credibility and effectiveness as a leader, simply because of the words you are using?

Can words make that much difference?



This little management jewel is both profoundly simple and simply profound!

All leaders, managers, and supervisors need to have this book on their bookshelves — and better yet, in their hands!

You'll love the simple layout!

Each Phrase Includes:

  • The Phrase 
  • What This Phrase Assumes
  • Seriously?
  • What Leaders Can Do
  • Here’s One Way to Reframe It

Development for Yourself

Increase your awareness of what you say … and how your people are hearing it.

Coach Your People to be Extraordinary!

Use this little book in training, meetings, and one-on-one, to mentor and coach your people to become more credible and precise in what they are saying.

Table of Contents


#1: It’s Always in the Last Place You Look 

#2: It Is What It Is 

#3: I Had No Choice

#4: Practice Makes Perfect 

#5: Do MoreWith Less 

#6: Work Smarter, Not Harder 

#7: What Goes Around Comes Around 

#8: He/She Pushes My Buttons 

#9: You’re Right Where You’re Supposed To Be 

#10: Nothing Good Lasts Forever 

#11: Fake It Till You Make It 

#12: He/She Made Me So Mad 

#13: YOLO: You Only Live Once 

#14: It (a negative experience)was a Blessing 

#15: Par For the Course 

#16: Silo Management

#17: No Problem 

#18: Everything Happens For A Reason 

#19: Let’s Reach Consensus 

#20: I’m Throwing Him/Her Under the Bus 

#21: If It’s Not One Thing … It’s Another 

#22: My Bad 

#23: Better Late Than Never 

#24: Open Door Policy 

#25: Birds of a Feather Flock Together 

Summary Chart 

About the Authors 

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Sample Chapter

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