30-Day Gratitude Challenge for Extraordinary Leaders

There is a multitude of research supporting the positive benefits of expressing gratitude … and this is especially important to leaders. It is so easy to get caught up in the stress of deadlines and profitability analysis, and be sidetracked by cynical, under-performing employees, that we forget to focus on what is most important — not to mention a contributor to improved productivity and engagement! That’s why we are setting up this 30-day challenge, beginning on November 1st. The challenge is to an act of “Intentional Gratitude” every day for the month of November!

To help you out, we have created a Gratitude Calendar, offering a suggestion for each day. We invite you to take the challenge, and share your feedback throughout these next 30 days by commenting on your experiences, a-ha’s, and results. Use our Facebook page to post your comments! We will also be posting articles throughout the month focusing on the benefits of gratitude in the workplace, and sharing examples. Please share your stories and pictures, and we will post them!

Here’s the calendar, with a link so you can download your own personal copy. Feel free to run as many as you like, and share them with your team! Let’s make November 2017 the most positive one ever, filled with an attitude of gratitude!


Click here to download your PDF version of this Gratitude Calendar!


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